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Our Approach To Google Ads Management

Tired of paying for non-converting clicks? Our Google Adwords management experts make sure you only pay for search terms that turn prospects into profit. Here’s how our strategies help you cut down on wasted ad spend and smash out earnings.
toby creative research and discovery

Research and Discovery

You talk, we listen. We want to learn and understand as much as possible about your business, including your profit margins, the needs of your target audience and the lifetime value of your customers.

toby creative competitve analysis analysis

Competitive Analysis

We prepare for the game with a healthy respect for competition. Not only do we take the time and effort to understand your industry and who the various players are, we also use the latest techniques and tools in Google Ad manager to research and analyse the digital marketing footprint of your competitors.

toby creative strategy and campaign build

Strategy and Campaign Build

We take all of our research and analysis and translate it into an effective Google Adwords campaign. With unparalleled attention to detail, we’ll construct a strategy that’s scalable and maximises profitability. We create high converting landing pages and enticing sales copy, boosting your chances of selling with a great combo of relevant keywords, geo-targeting and engaging content that inspires conversion action.

Toby Creative optimise growth and repeat

Optimise, Grow and Repeat

As the performance data of our Google Adwords management rolls in, we’ll make the necessary changes to strengthen the strategy. We’ll identify issues, seek new opportunities for growth and test new ideas. Constant monitoring of the metrics helps us improve our strategy across the length of your campaign.

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Keywords and Key Phrases That Drive Results!

Through our Google AdWords program, our team of experts will develop a concise strategy that will employ high-impact keywords and phrases that will reach the audience you need. With a focus on your target market, you will be in the money in no time. We also stay on top of the latest Search Engine Optimisation Techniques to ensure your business always edges out the competition. Smart SEO is constantly aware of new trends on the market so we can keep your business at the top of Search Engine Rankings no matter what. If you want results, you can count on us.

Smart SEO Can Help You From the Ground Up with Google AdWords

Whether you are just getting your business started or you need to re-evaluate your current marketing strategy, we can help. Our expertise can accommodate large or small projects. Simply put—we will tailor our approach to the individual needs of your business. It’s never been so easy to enhance your Google AdWords performance.

Whatever your budget, we can assist. We have worked with large corporations and small start-ups. Smart SEO gives you the personalised approach you need to give your business a leg up on the competition. With so many others competing for the same customers, isn’t it time to take a new approach to your online marketing presence?

What kinds of businesses can benefit from Google Ads?

As with most advertising, the most common reason businesses use Google Ads is to sell something. That might be a physical product, like in the case of an online store, or a service, such as in the case of a medical practice or an IT firm. But there are actually a virtually endless variety of applications Google Ads can be leveraged for.

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